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Take a closer look at all the careful details that go into making every type of lens. The combination of best-in-class technology, high-quality materials, and art is something worth seeing


With ordinary plastic lenses, a strong prescription can result in a thicker lens. In contrast, we offer many types of eyeglass lenses, made of hi-index plastic or polycarbonate, which reduce lens thickness for greater comfort and a better appearance.


After materials, our lens makers consider the design and function for every type of eyeglass lens. Does the wearer need them to see far away or up close? Are we correcting a vision problem, such as astigmatism? Here are just some of the lens designs to meet those vision needs.


For every type of eyeglass lens, one or both sides of the lens can be treated to extend the longevity of the glasses and improve clarity of vision. Some of our advanced lens treatment options include the following:

  • Anti-reflective coating—reduces reflections, allowing more light to pass through your lenses for better clarity, especially at night. Anti-reflective coatings also help lenses look nearly invisible, reducing distraction and improving eye contact. Crizal® lenses and Xperio UV™ lenses provide this feature by reducing the effects of glare, as well as protecting against scratches and smudges.
  • UVA and UVB blocking—can help protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Xperio UV lenses, Transitions® lenses, and Crizal lenses offer protection for your best vision under the sun.
  • Adaptive Lens Technology—this feature allows eyeglass lenses to automatically adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors. With Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses™, you get just that—lenses that adjust from clear to dark, and every shade in between.
  • Polarization—a special filter that blocks intense reflected light. Xperio UV polarized lenses eliminate blinding glare so you can see the outside world with sharper color and greater depth.


The Best Experience Ever

Suzanne Giesemann

Outstanding customer service! We dropped off a pair of inexpensive readers
(a favorite pair) that needed a repair. When we picked them up we were told, "No charge. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you."

PM Danielson

Spectacular service! We've been customers of the Colony Peepers for two years, and we've always been treated very well by the friendly staff. However, this time they went well above and beyond.

Mark Mehill

On vacation here in The Villages... one of my nose pads broke, and they are a very unique rectangular shape which poses a challenge to every vision center I had gone to - Peepers was able to repair them, replaced both pads!

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