At Peepers Eye Care and Eyeglasses Vision Center, we provide comprehensive eye exams. Our fullservice optical includes an onsite lab where we can process your prescription glasses in just one hour. We are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible.

Eye Exams

At Peepers Eye Care, we believe in the importance of comprehensive eye exams for maintaining optimal eye health and vision. Our team of experienced and skilled optometrists is dedicated to providing thorough and personalized eye care services to each and every patient.


Lenses & Frames

Discover our collection of designer frames that can be customized with your prescription lenses. We offer a variety of lens options, including Progressive Lenses, Blue Light Lenses, Bi-focal Lenses, Transitions®, Sunglass Lenses, and more.

Contact Lenses

We offer a wide variety of contact lenses. Contact lenses are small, corrective lenses placed on the eye's surface. They correct refractive errors effectively.

Get the right eyeglasses for your eyes!

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At Peepers, you can try on hundreds of glasses at our location so that you can see what  works for you best. Remember opposites attract. Finding the right glasses for your face shape is all about finding the style that makes you feel confident.

We specialize in...

Eye Exams

Diagnose and Treat Disease

Corrective lenses

Dry Eyes and much more

What are people saying?

PM Danielson

Spectacular service! We've been customers of the Colony Peepers for two years, and we've always been treated very well by the friendly staff. However, this time they went well above and beyond.

Suzanne Giesemann

Outstanding customer service! We dropped off a pair of inexpensive readers (a favorite pair) that needed a repair. When we picked them up we were told, "No charge. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you."

Mark Mehill

On vacation here in The Villages... one of my nose pads broke, and they are a very unique rectangular shape which poses a challenge to every vision center I had gone to - Peepers was able to repair them, replaced both pads!


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